Wednesday, August 18, 2010


That last horrible day we went to the vet because I knew he was in trouble.

And I left without him.

But first there was the bill to pay.

I handed over my Macy's Visa and paid $100.30. Apparently that's the price dead collies go for.

The young woman took my card and said she was sorry for my loss.

After I signed the little slip of paper with my silly name (He Is Dead, He Is Dead)

I handed it back to her and returned the pen to its spot on the desk.

Have a nice day, she chirped as I removed my keys from my purse with trembling hands.

I did not stab her
maim her
gouge her eyes out with my car keys
jump over the desk and kick her
punch her in the mouth
disfigure her
curse her
scream at her
belittle her
insult her (the fat moron)
gash, scrape, or bruise her
disembowel, disgrace, humiliate her
leave her with a scar
pound on her till she shat herself
or return with a plate of cookies arsenic laced.

Instead I smiled through the tears and said,

Thank you


  1. It is the worst part of being pet parents... leaving without them. It has got to be among the loneliest and saddest feelings on Earth.

    For her to be so insensitive to your loss is mind-blowing. I'm sure it's habit for her to say that to everyone as she hands them a receipt, but you'd think under the circumstances she could manage to break away from her habit and say "I'm sorry for your loss" instead.

    You are a better woman than I am, to have shown such restraint.

    I wouldn't have resorted to violence, but probably would have said something sarcastic or mean ("yeah, you, too - I hope the rest of our day is as "wonderful" as mine!") ... and then regretted it later.

  2. I really think she spoke out of force of habit. Besides, this post is the rough draft of what will turn into a poem, and I will probably use poetic license in my description. You may have noticed that sometimes I'm dramatic and exaggerate a bit. I'm not lying; I'm just creative with reality. But thank you for your kindness and sympathy.

  3. I'm very lucky. The vets around here would never be that insensitive.

    Except for the one that insisted a cat's shots had to be up to date before they'd euthanize her.


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