Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I fear I must present my rap up of Sunday night's Emmy awards before you read too many news stories that distort the facts as Lola sees them.

I shall relay to you my observations by quoting the text messages I wrote to my favorite young man during the telecast, which I watched with my dear friend DVR; however, I will not include FYM's reactions just in case he doesn't want me to.

Text 1: I just started watching my DVR of the Emmys. Jimmy Fallon is the host. I hope he's good.

Text 2: Yeah, it's starting off funny.

Text 3: They opened the show with a big production number of Baby We Were Born to Run, or maybe it's just called Born to Run, that incorporated elements of Glee and a few little things from other shows.

Text 4: I didn't know that Jimmy sings and plays guitar. He's starting another number by himself now.

Text 5: I'm already disappointed. The gay kid from Glee didn't win best supporting actor in a comedy. Some guy I've never heard of from a show I've never heard of is the wiener.

Text 6: I want Glee and Mad Men and The Office and The Daily Show to win everything.

Text 7: Things are going from bad to bad. Somebody from Modern Family won best supporting actor and now their writers won best writing. I don't know what else they wld win but I don't fucking like it.

Text 8: Improved - Jane Lynch (Rhapsody in White's trainer) won best supporting actress in a comedy for Glee. I'm afraid you'll have to live without more updates from me unless something really hilarious or amazing happens.

(I lied)

Text 9: Jane Lynch just thanked her wife Laura. Rhapsody in White really does have two mommies.

Text 10: It's gay night at the Emmys. The best director comedy went to a guy for Glee and Doogie Howser kissed him on the mouth.

Text 11: The director just thanked his partner and he didn't mean as in business.

Text 12: I am actually LOL. They just showed a little comedy thing filmed in advance, much of which revolved around gayness and included George Clooney.

Text 13: OMG someone who's not gay won

Text 14: Jimmy Fallon's doing a hilarious Elton John impersonation singing to the tune of Candle In The Wind about a show that ended this year.

Text 15: Then he impersonated somebody I don't know singing another song and now he's doing Billy Joe Armstrong I Hope You've Had The Time Of Your Life.

Text 16: The Daily Show won best variety show. Seventh win I think they said.

Text 17: George Clooney won the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award.

Text 18: Standing O for George.

Text 19: George only two years younger than I am - hope for me yet. He'll tire of those young bimbos yet.

FYM had stopped replying to texts at about #12 so I finally stopped writing them. However, I was pleased that Breaking Bad won best supporting actor and best actor (drama) and Mad Men won best drama. But that show Modern Family won best comedy. I have never heard of that show.

If I haven't heard of it, then it should not be eligible for awards.

I really thought Glee would win more, and they definitely deserved to do so.

A made for TV movie I heard about but had not seen because it was on HBO won a number of awards: Temple Grandin. The titular lady was at the awards show. She is autistic but has become known as a very successful and sensitive animal behaviorist. The movie is now in my Netflix queue, as is You Don't Know Jack.

Anyway, the show moved at a fast pace and never dragged and I only recall one stupid comment from a presenter but it wasn't bad enough for me to remember what it was.

I didn't think anyone could host the show as well as Doogie did last year, but Jimmy was just as good, although I would not go so far as to label him Better.

And that's this year's Emmy Rap Up. Don't let the facts confuse you. Lola knows of what she speaks.

Infinities of love,


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