Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dumper Gibson

Gentle Readers,

Mel Gibson has been at it again. I wanted to write to you about this incident last week when it was more timely, but as you know my computer took sick.

When interviewed on WGN in Chicago, the actor bristled when reporter Dean Richards asked Mel if he thought past events might have an effect on the success of his new film, Edge of Darkness, which he was out promoting.

But those events took place four years ago and are not worth talking about, people, as far as Mel is concerned.

Oh yeah, remember that whole Mel Gibson DUI arrest / anti-Semitic rant thing?

For something that's in the past that nobody should be hot and bothered about, Mel sure has strong feelings about it though. So much so that he called Richards an "asshole" at the conclusion of the interview, while the cameras were still arollin'.

Well, I haven't forgotten Mel's childish I'm an important movie star over the top behavior. Calling a female police officer Sugar Tits? Oh really, Mel, couldn't you come up with something better than that?

I won't put a penny in your pocket, Mel, but that's not the only reason.

Let's not forget that Mel is quite the notorious dumper. It's true that his wife Robyn, who is the mother of the Great and Holy Catholic's seven children, was the one who filed the divorce papers.

I remember seeing him on t.v. He had no idea what could be wrong. She filed for divorce, he wailed.

But Mel is the true dumper. His girlfriend was kinda pregnant.

Mel and the lingerie model now have a baby girl.

Thank God for no pre-nup between Mel and Robyn. Braveheart owes her big time.



Dumped First Wife

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