Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gentle Readers,

Recently I requested a substitute to go through my divorce for me. She would make copies, deal with the lawyers, cry, mourn the loss of my marriage, etc.

Well, a true friend has come through with an offer.

She says, "I will be your stand in for the divorce. I could take out all of my frustration for my boyfriend on your husband without the nagging emotional baggage!! Boy he would be begging for a replacement."

Now that's a true friend.


Dumped First Wife

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. I really should find a way to market this. It would probably help me in my law practice, too, to have surrogates who can handle the paperwork and document-gathering without needing to cry on my shoulder for an hour first. 'Cause then I'm always torn.

    Do I listen, and bill them for my time? Or tell them I really have to go, and seem like a callous bitch? OR, option 3 (the one I usually take, to my financial detriment), listen and not bill them and then stay up half the night after the kids are in bed trying to finish the work I couldn't get done during the day because my clients were crying on my shoulder....


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