Monday, June 25, 2012


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

We are in the midst of another tropical storm. It rained all night, and this morning the frogs said,

Dance, Sugar Pants. Dance, Sugar Pants.

So I had no choice but to Dance!
I just wanna know who told those frickin' frogs that my nickname is Sugar Pants.

Infinities of love,


P.S. Janie has too many irons in the fire. To avoid too many cooks spoiling the soup, for the rest of the week, she's going to share some of our older posts with you. Some of you will say, Oh, how very clever she is, or, I never knew she had such a filthy mouth, and the rest of you will say, This old crap again. Please be tolerant. It is summer rerun season.


  1. Take a break, Sugar Pants! You have to take care of you and take care of business. We understand. :):)

  2. This sugar pants was delivering mail in the rain storms today.

    I'm pretty sure all the "frogs" were laughing at me from their apartments. :)

  3. Well this works for me seeing I'm a new follower and all!! ;)

  4. Dear Sugar Pants--GREAT PICTURE!!

  5. Life is random. So am I. I like that !


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