Friday, January 7, 2011

Bedlam Farm

Gentle Readers,

After reviewing the movie A Dog Year yesterday, based on the book by Jon Katz, I decided to take another look at his Bedlam Farm Web site, and once I began reading and looking I found it difficult to stop.

Katz takes lovely photographs, which adorn his blog. His posts are brief and intelligently written. I love the photos of his dogs and other animals, and I love it that he, too, knows it's not a good idea to watch very much news and he doesn't care for Wal-Mart. He supports his local stores.

He sells note cards with his photos on them and also sells prints of his photos. They're very tempting, but alas, I have no extra money for these luxuries when the electric bill must be paid and there is no job.

I don't know if he has remarried. He refers to Maria, and there is a link to her site where she sells quilts and other pretty things she makes. She seems very talented, but it's Katz who interests me.

If you have some time to peruse Bedlam Farm, I recommend doing so. It's a lovely, lovely distraction, but be careful because once you get there you won't want to leave. I'm so impressed that I'd like to hop in the car and drive there to see it myself, but it's too far away, too expensive to take a trip, and I'm not leaving my dogs in order to visit Katz's dogs.

But I sure like the look of those dogs. And there's a lovely video of Bedlam Farm life too.

Infinities of love,


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