Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

Today is my last post––for a while, not forever––and I want to use it to recommend a new book for children. It's Dirt by Jamie W. Mitchum, and it's illustrated by our friend, blogger Brandon Ax of Writer's Storm.

Dirt is a boy who happens to be a worm, but his experiences are universal to those of children. He has a crush on a girl. He gets embarrassed in front of her. For a while, Dirt can't be with his family, so he has to learn to make decisions on his own. He meets all sorts of creative characters on his journey through young wormhood.

It just so happens that this book was edited by your very own Junebug, and I enjoyed the experience very much. You can purchase Dirt on Amazon at https://goo.gl/cmliV4

Dirt makes a good chapter book for young readers, or you can read it aloud to children, your dog, or yourself.

Dirt has The Janie Junebug Seal of Highest and Happiest Approval. A visit to Amazon to purchase Dirt will make your Christmas shopping easier, and you'll make a child and a new author smile.

Congratulations, Jamie!

And if you haven't already done so, it's time to 

Infinities of love and see you soon,

Janie Junebug


  1. A children's story about a worm? I don't think I've seen that before. CUTE!

  2. Be good and I look forward to "seeing" you soon.
    Hope Dirt knows enough not to venture onto wet sidewalks when it rains.
    There's birds out there.

  3. That's a very cute book! I'm not friends with any children, but if I ever am, I know where to direct them.

  4. Sounds like a cute book. I'll definitely look into it for my little ones.

    I'm going away for a while myself. If you've seen some of the people that pollute BOTB you'll know why. I just cant anymore, Jane.

    Hope you're well. Come back soon!

  5. "Last post...for a while...see you soon!"

    Okay, I guess we'll see you again soon. Don't stay away too long.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. Enjoy your blog break, Janie. This sounds like a great book for kids and would make a delightful Christmas present.

  7. I will miss you, Janie! "Dirt" looks like a lot of good clean fun. :)

  8. Whatever you're doing, dear lady, I wish you well. Take care, and have a Happy Thanksgiving. (It's the only time of year it's okay to say, "Get stuffed!")

    Um, I did vote, but it didn't "take."

  9. Enjoy your blogger break. We all need them, from time to time. Have a great Thanksgiving! See ya, when I see ya.

  10. Congrats to both of you. It looks like a perfect read for a young one.

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